Wheat Allergies Signs and Symptoms


Wheat Allergies Signs and Symptoms


It is quite peculiar how the body reacts to some of the essential things. Wheat is the staple across a wide portion of the world. But sometimes some people do not fit into this bill because of their allergic tendencies towards wheat. Wheat allergy is an abnormal situation when the body’s immunity system revolts against one or more proteins found in wheat. It is one of the commonest food allergies to affect the children.

There are many symptoms of wheat allergy and they can be from the simple to the life threatening. Any body can get wheat allergy, you or your child or anyone in the family. The symptoms will start manifesting within minutes after consumption of any wheat products. Typical wheat allergy will start showing in the form of itching and irritation of the mouth and throat and result in swelling. The swelling will also show on the skin too and soon hives and itchy rash will show up on the skin. There will be nasal blockage and the eyes will start itching and watering.

In severe cases of wheat allergy these initial symptoms are often accompanied by difficulty in breathing, cramps and nausea resulting in vomiting. Diarrhea can set in and in the extreme cases. Anaphylaxis, a life threatening disorder may also occur.If anaphylaxis sets in it can be identified by the swelling and tightness in the throat, chest pain, trouble in swallowing and severe breathing problem resulting in dizziness and turning blue. The pulse rate starts to fall.If this condition is not treated immediately, it can cause death.

So in those cases where the person is known to show tendency of anaphylaxis the doctors often advise carrying two doses of injectable epinephrine. The first dose is for immediate administration and the second is for further administration if emergency help does not arrive in time.What is of concern is that toddlers are the ones who are more prone to wheat allergy. Though it can become a  life threatening matter, it is not life long.

In normal cases it has been seen that children show the signs early but outgrows wheat allergy by the time they cross five years of age. The teenagers and adolescents rarely show the symptoms and so do the adults. But whatever may be the case never try to diagnose the problem yourself. Always consult a doctor.

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