What the Cameras Don't Show You on 'OutDaughtered'

What the Cameras Don't Show You on 'OutDaughtered'


OutDaughtered fans have watched the series for years, following along from when the quints were first born to their time in the NICU, to Adam and Danielle Busby adjusting to having five babies at home. It's definitely been a journey. But one pretty important thing that the cameras never showed viewers on OutDaughtered was the fact that Danielle actually breastfed all of the quints. 

In fact, Danielle was so worn out from breastfeeding five babies that she realized she needed time to herself. "With the quints, I was a cow," she told Romper. "That's all I did for six months was pump, pump, feed, feed, feed, feed." So, she took up night running. "It was my sense of stress. I wanted to go running at 9:00 at night, even after I had just got done feeding quintuplets," she explained. 

It's no secret that being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but breastfeeding five babies makes things even more intense.

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