Vienna Woods of Vienna city


Vienna Woods of Vienna city


Flora and fauna have always attracted human from time immemorial. Art and culture of civilizations like Mohenjodaro or Harappa are greatly influenced by nature and this can be easily depicted in their drawings or sculptures.

Forests are the best source for getting diversity of flora and fauna at one place. In fact the rich species of both are generously available in forests. Vienna woods of Vienna city form one such fine example aiding people to get familiarized with various species.

Amongst the locals, they are generally known as unspoiled forestland located towards west and south of Vienna. These forests are the proud habitat of some of the most endangered varieties. Locally, non-extant Ural owl and imperiled green lizard have found a home in these Vienna forests. Vienna forest vacation helps to educate tourists about various varieties present as it impressive forest cover is home of over 2000 plant species and around 150 breeding birds.

The hills and rivers like Triesting and Danube, thereby providing the perfect scenic view, characterize Vienna woods. Vienna is located at the western edge of Vienna basin and on slopes of Vienna forests. Even these woods lay in the low eastern region of great mountain range, the Alps. Due to its special and unique culture and diversity, UNESCO, an international organization, which works for sustainable ecosystem, has announced these Vienna forests as a biosphere reserve. This biosphere has 4 nature parks and 15 recognized reserves to display its beautiful landscape.

Many tourists consider these forests and city of Vienna as a suitable tourist destination for their vacations. This city offers quality accommodation in form its hotels and lounges. Hilton Vienna, Wombat’s and Intercontinental Wien are just a few popular names that welcome travelers from across the globe and provide them with comfortable accommodation. Mountains like Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg known as true local mountains of Viennese woods are worth a visit for their stefaniewarte lookout.

A person on Vienna forest vacation can easily get a taste of local life of this city. As these woods are extended with little village life and culture, vineyard activities are the favorite activities preferred by locals as well as the tourists here. These extended villages are counted as vineyard; a location that invites travelers to drink and eat under Viennese ambience, but under city limits. This city offers purest drinking water due to last foothills of Alps range.

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