Uganda Travel Guide

Uganda Travel Guide


Republic Uganda in Eastern Africa is landlocked by the Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zaire. A nation made up by Bantu, Acholi, Lango, Asians, and Europeans. The natives practice the faith of Islam and Christianity. Official language is English and Swahili. Jinja and Bugembe are among the major cities. Highest elevation is Ngaliema or Margherita at 5,119 m. Chief River is Nile and largest Lake is Victoria. Kampala is the capital city; the attraction here is the museum, the Bahai Temple and the Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kings. Most safari excursions of varying days begin from here. The Murchison Falls National Park is the closest in range. The view from the top of the fall is amazing. The Nile River gushes out from a small opening falling 43 m below. A ferry takes you into the interior forest for animal viewing. The big mammals that can possibly be spotted are buffalos, elephants, and hippos. In all the Parks Chimpanzee Tracking is the dominant activity. In Kaniyo Pabidi Forest, the population of attractive aviary abounds. Their presence and musical note charms each soul. Lake Albert and Kibale National park is covered in the same trip. The park has 13 species of apes along with multicoloured fluttering butterflies and 335 species of birds. For night viewing of wildlife Semliki Wildlife Reserve is among the best equipped forest. Camping is possible here. There is ample aviary to view and appreciate. To see 606 varieties of birds and 100 species of mammals among the picturesque forest and water bodies Queen Elizabeth National park is the destination. Uganda occupies the high plateau of the East African High-lands. The plateau is surrounded by high massifs, often of volcanic origin. The central and southern regions contain extensive swamps. Much of the country is wooded or grassland savannas. About 7% of the land is forested. The typical wild animals include the elephant, water buffalo, antelope, gorilla, monkeys, various birds and many species of fish. Lake fishing and pond fishing is an important feature. Practically all Ugandan exports are handled by a railway line linking the country with Mombasa, Kenya. Enjoy your holidays with the rare species of the world.Uganda Travel Guide


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