Tourist Attractions in Dominica, Caribbean


Tourist Attractions in Dominica, Caribbean


Dominica is an independent nation member of the Commonwealth. It is a volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean with southerly Martinique and northerly French island Guadeloupe. The nation sits on a precarious earthquake zone on land and sea.The population is mostly Negroes and population is scantly distributed. Some Carib-Indians reside at the eastern end of the island. The Capital Roseau is the epicentre and its surrounding region has concentration of population. The highest elevation is Marne Diablotin at 1447 m.

Tourists attractions in this island are the newlyweds, family holiday makers, explorers, biologists, and even historians. Sportsman and hobby oriented enjoy water sports like scuba diving. Film makers find the underwater topology exciting. River Tubing Safari is done in a very professional way with a guide.

You will find yourself spinning and swirling on water. Many go for river bathing. In certain portion it is safe to swim in the river. Another water sport is at Roller adventure Park. Here strapped and with head gear people hang; they move from tree to tree in the rainforest suspended from a harness. There are restaurants which can be enjoyed later. Very few want to take Tarzan jumps.

Half day jeep safari has as escorts guides and naturalist. The tour takes you around the capital Roseau to Morne Bruce and some historical sites. See for yourself Wotten Waven healthful sulphur springs, cluster of forests at Ti Tou Gorge at village Laudat. A crack in the mountain brings forth hot and cold water for swimmers at the pool. Ace swimmers take a dip in the gorge and enjoy the pure water.

Kayaking Adventure is organized on Layou River and River Ocean.  As you are pushed through the rapids of the rough river you are to steer yourself under the guidance of the guide. The whole experience is thrilling. Some only prefer to pedal in the tranquil water adjoining the fishing village of Layou. At the end of the journey refreshment is served.

Tourist Attractions in Dominica, Caribbean

The three national parks namely Cabrits on the shores with marine reserves spread over 800 acres of sea and World Heritage Site on the mountainous topology the Morne Trois Pitons and Diablotin National Parks are on the inland are idyllic. There are innumerable waterfalls, lakes and hot springs as well as 200 rivers.

Many tourist all the year round visit colonial Fort Shieley and adjoining marine park. Cruise adventure has developed wonderfully in the last few years especially in the capital city. There is shopping of traditional craft and ample of fruits and dishes to eat.


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