Things Only Adults Notice in 'Splash'

Things Only Adults Notice in 'Splash'


On Madison and Allen's way back to his apartment from Bloomingdale's they pass a beautiful lighted fountain featuring a mermaid sculpture. Allen stops to admire it and Madison asks him what it is about it he loves so much, hoping that he'll mention the mermaid and then she can tell him that's who she is too. But Allen demurs and instead tells her that he's sad the city is about to tear down the fountain to make more room for parking. The next day, Allen introduces Madison to the concept of gifts by giving her a beautiful figurine with two people dancing in a glass case as well as an expensive Tiffany necklace. 

When Allen returns later from work, it's he who is surprised to find that the mermaid fountain now spouts in his own living room. Apparently, inspired by Allen's gesture, Madison used her charms and traded the necklace for the fountain. Um, what? First, how did they even get that fountain upstairs with just the small dolly the movers used? Second, how has it not fallen through the floor yet? And third, even in a fairytale New York City, nobody would trade a necklace for a landmark.

Things Only Adults Notice in



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