The Untold Truth of Christopher Walken

The Untold Truth of Christopher Walken


It's human nature to always be looking ahead to figure out what's next, and Walken has been asked that a few times. What isn't next for him is a voluntary retirement or a spot in the director's chair.

"They say you don't retire from acting, they retire you," he told The Wrap in 2015. "And I don't want to be retired because what would I do?" According to what he told Rolling Stone, he doesn't have any of the typical reasons most people look forward to retirement. He doesn't like to travel, doesn't play any of the typical sports, doesn't write or do anything artistic, doesn't have kids, and says he'd most like to be like John Gielgud, who couldn't attend his own 90th birthday party because he was filming a movie.

He's expressed a dismissive attitude toward the prospect of jumping into the director's chair, telling Interview, "If I were a director, I'd try to hire the best people I could and then leave them alone." He says he's not good at things like lighting, cameras, and angles, so he's happy to just keep doing what he's doing.

The Untold Truth of Christopher Walken



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