The Truth About Evan Peters Revealed

The Truth About Evan Peters Revealed


While filming American Horror Story, the strangest aspect for Evan Peters wasn't portraying psychotic characters. Instead, the weirdest parts to shoot were the various sex scenes. "They're very embarrassing," he told GQ, adding, "especially when you're in your twenties and you're still awkward." He recalled a particularly traumatic scene as the character Mr. March, which "was just horrific and weird and sad." At that point, Peters had already been on the series for five seasons, so he said, "I was more comfortable with the crew, so it's like, okay, I guess my butt will be out." 

The actor spent another time constantly getting out of a bathtub while naked. Though he had the industry standard "cock sock" piece, this didn't quite reassure Peters. "So there's a 50/50 chance your cock is going to be coming out. It's a little gnarly," he revealed. And sure enough, one time, the protective equipment didn't quite handle the task at large. Recalling an embarrassing moment, Peters said part of his manhood was "hanging out in front of Jessica Lange, and it's like, this is not normal."

In another awkward moment, Peters and Emma Roberts were called upon to film a group sex scene. While perhaps a dream scenario for some, Peters told Vulture it was his most awkward scene. "Because Emma and I are dating and then poor Taissa [Farmiga]'s there and we had to get together and do this thing and it's weird," he recalled.

The Truth About Evan Peters Revealed



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