The Ending of 'Labyrinth' Explained

The Ending of 'Labyrinth' Explained


Sarah realizes there are strange, giggling creatures in her parents' room, scurrying about until the balcony doors near Toby's crib fly open. Appearing in a flurry of glitter, Jareth the Goblin King has arrived to tell Sarah he's granted her wish and taken her brother to his castle. Regretting what she's done, Sarah tries to beg her way out of it, but Jareth is resolute. After threatening her, Jareth whisks her into his world, where the sun is rising on an elaborate labyrinth with Toby in the castle at the center of it all. "You have 13 hours in which to solve the labyrinth before your baby brother becomes one of us forever," Jareth warns her.

On her way to the labyrinth's entrance, Sarah meets Hoggle, a gnome who's exterminating fairies. "Oh. It's you," Hoggle says when he sees her; when he finds out she's called Sarah, he oddly responds, "That's what I thought." Sarah gets her first education in the fae realm when one of the fairies Hoggle poisoned bites her for trying to help.

A reluctant Hoggle shows Sarah the entrance, where her next hurdle is figuring out how to get past the outer ring. A helpful Worm offers her some tea and to "come inside and meet the missus," but Sarah remains focused and asks where the openings are. The Worm informs her that there's one right across from them, but then sabotages Sarah by telling her to go down the one that doesn't lead to the castle.

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