Side Effects Of Energy Drinks

Side Effects Of Energy Drinks


The energy drinks like Shocker and Liquid X are now thronging the shelves of supermarket and people are lapping it unaware of the many dangers that it poses. There are a whole lot of side effects of energy drinks compared to the normal aerated drinks like Pepsi and Cola.  There is no legal age to buy these drinks and even a 12-year old kid can have these drinks almost everyday.

The pace of life in urban cities is now very hectic. People tend to get hooked on to these drinks to get the extra energy boost. People claim that energy drinks help them to work better during daytime and also work late hours at night. Energy drinks are not at all expensive and young people get attracted to these drinks as they give a sense of high to the ‘drinkers’. But these energy cans are not free from controversies.

They have ingredients of disrepute like guarana, taurine, caffeine and cyanocobalamin. They usually don’t cause any trouble for people who drink once in a while but can cause major damage to people who are heavy drinkers. But the sad part is that there are far too many people who are having these drinks on a regular basis.

But why do people gulp in so many energy drinks? The reason can be attributed to the foolish thinking of our society which strongly believes that if one can of energy drink can provide so much buzz, multiple cans will actually keep us on a high all evening. But if you are consuming more than two energy drinks in a span of 24 hours then you are really flirting with danger.

It is common knowledge that ingredients like sugar, sodium and caffeine are not good for people with high or low blood sugar. These are also bad for people with irregular heart conditions or high blood pressure. Athletes rely a bit on energy drinks to refresh themselves as the body has great demand for electrolytes after an intense workout. But good coaches will always advise you to go for WHO recommended electrolyte drinks or glucose drinks that are actually safer and more effective.

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