Puerto Rico Attractions & Places to Visit And See

Puerto Rico Attractions & Places to Visit And See


Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea of United States. The official languages used here are English and Spanish.

The transportation facilities available here are roadways, freeways, highways and expressways. No visas and passports will be required on entering Puerto Rico from the United States. This island has three international airports. The island of Puerto Rico is spread across 100 miles length wise, and 35 miles breadth wise.

This exquisite destination offers you a great blend of beautiful cultures and traditions, as it boasts of a thousand year old conditioning of four unique cultures. There are a few exciting spots that you should visit while at Puerto Rico. Old San Juan & Metro Area is one of them.

This is a great destination for shopping enthusiasts. There are lots of interesting places you can visit here such as the museum, art galleries and the bustling marketplace. San Juan is the second oldest city of the modern world which is an attraction of Peurto Rico

When in Puerto Rico, do not miss out on the beautiful town Porta Caribe. It has interesting and enthralling works of architecture, inspired by the colonial traditions, blended with their own heritage. Churches, plazas and monuments, set amidst the cool Caribbean Sea, which it overlooks, are the dream of every poet and the colors on a painter’s palette. One more must visit in Puerto Rico is the La Montana or the Central Region.

It is so called because of La Cordillera Central, which is a mountain chain spanning the entire expanse of the region. The mountains add to the charm of the settlement, which has taken accordance with the specialties of the nature which are present here.

If you are looking for an adventure filled holiday, then Puerto Rico is a place with lots of adventures to try like diving, snorkeling and Nature Trips. One of the more time-consuming adventures is the Campo Rico Zipling

Adventure, which is at a walking distance of 5 minutes from San Juan. Transportation facility is easily provided and this excursion takes approximately 4 hours. Apart from this, Porta Del Sol is another hotspot for a lot of beach activities like surfing, scuba diving, horse riding and much more.

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