Protein Myths and Facts

Protein Myths and Facts


No matter how much we curse myths and fallacies, we are always surrounded by them. Encountering a myth or fallacy is a choice we don’t make when we get up every morning, but still face it. Out of all the myths that pop-up from time to time, the most common one that finds its place in almost everywhere is the “protein myth”. Vegetarians lack proteins – you must have heard somebody saying this in a group, leaving others wondering whether this statement is true or just a myth.

Well! All you who are vegetarians, don’t worry. This is a myth. In fact, one of those myths that people digest easily. Let’s first discuss some similar myths associated with proteins.

• Protein forms the most essential part of our food and diet.

• Protein derived from animal products such as meat, fish, poultry, milk and eggs is much superior to the protein derived from plant sources.

• Protein derived from plant sources is negligible in quantity and insufficient for body.

• Meat is the best source of protein, and other foods have no/little protein.

• A vegetarian diet lacks enough protein and is unhealthy, resulting in poor body growth and resistance.

All these myths have been imposed by the non-vegetarian-eating group on the vegetarian-eating group, making the vegetarians hunt for ways to add the extra protein to their diet. But believe us! This is not true. Do you want to know the actual facts about proteins that always lie hidden? Here they are.

• Protein both in excess and too little quantity is harmful. High protein content in body results in shorter life span, increased heart diseases and cancer risks, osteoporosis, kidney stress and many more disorders.

• A vegetarian diet that has a proper balance among proteins, fats and carbohydrates and provides calories at the same time gives the body the adequate amount of protein intake.

• Protein derived from animal sources is not superior to the protein derived from plant sources. They both yield the same result, both in quantity and quality.

• Protein from animal sources includes excess calories that cause kidney stress. Protein from plant sources is devoid of any such excess calories.

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