McDonald's Tricks You Fall For Every Single Time

McDonald's Tricks You Fall For Every Single Time


While you may think of McDonald's as a restaurant with a few different sections  — there's the dining area, ordering kiosks, checkout, drive-thru, etc. — marketing experts go even further. They see every wall, nook, and cranny as advertising real estate. When it comes to using images to their advantage, McDonald's is all about location, location, location. 

The most obvious way McDonald's uses strategic placing of beautiful images is through something called "decision anchoring." Research shows that when confronted with choices, humans are most likely to pick the first item presented to them. Even at a buffet, people will tend to fill their plate with the first three items they see, according to Behavioral Economics.

McDonald's makes good use of this psychology by placing photos of the items they want you to buy right at the entrance. Before you even make it to the menu, they're trying to influence you to buy something pricier than what you'd normally get. For a long time, it was their Signature Crafted Recipes, but really it's whatever corporate is trying to push at the given time, Market Watch explained.




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