JFK's Last Words Were Tragically Ironic

JFK's Last Words Were Tragically Ironic


Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the original "Odd Couple." Jefferson was charming, secretive, and quiet. Adams was "pompous," "neurotic," and talkative. They were also diametrically opposed, politically speaking. But despite their differences, they were best friends. Adams and Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence together, and became such good pen pals, Adams claimed their friendship was one of the most agreeable events in his life. And whenever they got together, they spent time touring English gardens or visiting Shakespeare's house.

The two also spent a lot of time in the White House together. Adams was America's first Vice President, and Thomas Jefferson was the original Secretary of state. And when Adams won the presidency, Jefferson was his VP. But their friendship fell apart during the 1800 election. Both guys were running for president, and their camps hurled wild insults back and forth. Even worse, after Jefferson won the election, Adams appointed a bunch of Jefferson's political enemies to important government positions. As a result, the two didn't speak for over ten years.

It wasn't until 1812 that their buddy, Benjamin Rush, convinced them to let bygones be bygones. With their friendship rekindled, the two statesmen spent the rest of their days writing letters to each other. But the correspondence ended in 1826. On the 50th anniversary of the Fourth of July, Adams lay dying in bed, and that's when the 90-year-old president whispered, "Thomas Jefferson survives." Even at the end, Adams was thinking about his best friend, though contrary to popular belief, those weren't his last words. According to historian David McCullough, before Adams died, he turned to his granddaughter, Susanna, and said, "Help me, child! Help me!" Then, at 6:20 AM, the second president of the United States passed away.




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