How to Make a Smoothie Recipes


How to Make a Smoothie Recipes


Weight loss smoothies are like the most popular food items that people opt for these days. It is favorite among the people who are self obsessed always maintain a good figure. It is good in taste plus does wonders to health. As the name suggests, it promotes healthy weight loss. So here is the recipe of smoothie meant for weight loss. It is very easy to make and makes your weight loss goal much easier to achieve.

The key ingredients in this smoothie are whey protein, fruits, yoghurt, juice, ice cubes and tasteless fiber powders. These ingredients may vary if you wish. For example you can choose to add any fruit you want but avoid mango as it promote weight gain which is opposite of what you want.Weight loss smoothie helps to increase body metabolism and also helps to maintain body digestion and relaxes stomach as well.

Now the preparation of smoothie is very simple. Just pick up the key ingredients and add the amount of each to taste. But the preferable proportion is as follows. 2 bananas( you may take another fruit of your choice), one cup of yoghurt, half cup juice, 4 ice cubes and 1 spoon full of fiber powder. Mix these well in a blender and blend till the whole ingredients are totally mixed. So this is how you can make your own smoothie.

Another smoothie that you can prepare is pineapple apricot smoothie. For it you require half cup pineapple (crushed). 1 diced apricot, 1 banana, 8 strawberries, and 1 tsp of skim milk powder. Blend these ingredients well in blender and your smoothie is ready. This smoothie is great for weight loss plus it help you meet the nutritional requirements that your body needs.

Drink it in the morning as it keeps you healthy through out the day and keeps you full as well. If you continue to do drink it everyday then surely your health level would rise to a great amount plus you would lose weight in a health manner. So do try them out for a healthy and a better living.

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