Here's the Truth About 'MasterChef's' Aaron Sanchez

Here's the Truth About 'MasterChef's' Aaron Sanchez


When Aarón Sánchez was just three years old, the MasterChef judge told Latin Trends, his mother, Zarela Martinez, divorced his father and opened her own catering business. That humble venture, he explained, led to her "becoming the most recognized Mexican chef in the country." She did this, he explained, by recreating the recipes she learned from her mother, Aida Gabilondo, whose cookbook, Mexican Family Cooking, was published in 1986.

In an interview with The Austin American-Statesman, Sánchez shared the most important piece of advice he received from his mom. "Develop your own style," he recalled her telling him. Advising him to not "regurgitate" what he'd learned, she encouraged him to work with "a bunch of different chefs that have different styles and cultural points of view, and then disseminate that to find your own culinary voice."

As Sánchez told Refinery Times, he feels like he's come full circle, finding himself returning to his mother's and grandmother's recipes after decades spent "trying to reinvent everything and make all my dishes new and unique." Moving away from more avant-garde cuisine and back toward traditional recipes, he explained, feels like "honoring my legacy through keeping these recipes alive."




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