Here's How to Know You're Ready to Have a Baby

Here's How to Know You're Ready to Have a Baby


Muenke told me striking a balance between self care and the needs of the child is essential to being a good parent. And self care will change throughout the child's life. If you have a very young child, self care might look like time to go to the bathroom alone (yes, sometimes you will carry the baby with you to the bathroom), take a shower, or read an article in the rare quiet moments between diapering and feeding.

People who didn't plan for parenthood are thrust into this selfless role, but if you have the option it's best to mentally check in with yourself before the baby arrives. It's one thing to be forced to put someone else's needs first. It's another to choose to. If you don't feel like you've sown your wild oats, or you're planning a canoe trip down the Amazon River, then you might want to hold off on having a baby. With a newborn in your life the only Amazon you'll be looking at for a while is the one with free two-day shipping on diapers. Muenke said it's not necessary to check off every box on your bucket list before you procreate, but It is important to realize that the kinds of spontaneous adventures before children are at least more challenging after kids. Yes, you can still set off on a backwoods camping trip or a luxurious beach holiday, but you may be toting a portable crib, car seat, diaper bag, medicines, a stroller, and a baby carrier. Babies come with their own set of crazy adventures, and while they are often more wonderful than you could have ever dreamed, it's best to treat this adventure like any other and make sure you're prepared.




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