Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide


The newest travel destinations in Europe, is now Bosnia-Herzegovina offering a vast variety of nature, culture and history, ready to be discovered by the adventurous traveler.

Bosnia and Herzegovinian is a big name for a tiny country which has an area of 50,000 kms and  is one of the very few regions in South Alps which is yet to be explored by the adventure and nature loving travelers.

The vast expanse of it’s wild and untouched, the stunning visuals of the amazing range of diverse mountainous landscape, the lush green forestry and the enchanting Mediterranean and Alpine climate both would leave any adventurous and nature loving traveler to be spellbound.

It is now a must see tourist attraction and no wonder that according to  the World Tourism Organization Bosnia would be enjoying the world’s highest tourism growth by the year 2020. This heart shaped land in the heart of South Europe was formerly a part of Yugoslavia and has gained the independent status in the 1990’s. Located in the West of Balkans, Bosnia shares her border with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The terrain is mountainous in the Central and the South, hilly in North West and flatland in the North east.

This country has the best of both worlds to offer. The most interesting and attractive sites to visit, are not only fascinating but also a wonderful combination of the country’s cultural and natural heritage. The cultures and traditional heritages have evolved from the pristine nature only thus making the culture and nature inseparable.

The climate offers the best of both seasons: summer and spring which are bright, sunny, vibrant and colorful. These two seasons would be the right time to visit to bask in the warm sun and enjoy the greeneries and the color of flowers everywhere. However, winters are equally inviting for skiers and the lovers of snow clad mountains. The icing on the cake is the fact that this country is very inexpensive too. The currency used is Euro.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

A quality meal in a good restaurant in this country would cost you no more than 15 euro and that includes beverages. Accomodation is modestly inexpensive too. You can get a double bedroom in the cities for less than 40 Euros and is increasingly cheaper as you venture into the smaller towns where the same kind of room would cost you about 25 Euros.The transportation within the cities are quite cheap too where you can chose to commute in buses or taxis.


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