Attractions & Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur

Attractions & Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur is known to all as the capital of Malaysia, moreover it is an animated, active and multicolored metropolis. Kuala Lumpur do have an eventful, but short, records of history, going all the way through British rule, the Japanese occupation, later independence as well as industrialization the entire in the gap of not many decades. Given below are must-see as well as must-do activities, which no tourist can afford to miss while their trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers is identified as the tallest buildings in the world as well as is the joy and pride of the country. Whilst you can’t reach right to the pinnacle of these towers, at least you can purchase a ticket for reaching the observation bridge that connects these towers.

Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur has the leading complimentary escape aviary across the world, which is a massive, location spanning almost 20 acres exactly in the center of this city, which requires many hours to explore. The bird park houses an inspiring compilation of tropical as well as temperate area birds. In particular motivating are the dissimilar diversities of hornbills as well as various other aboriginal bird species.


A tour to Petaling Street, in Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur, is a must-visit for each tourist. At this juncture, in the night market, tourists can polish their skills in bargaining with the vendors who proffer the whole thing from crooked-looking discount designer watches up to uniformly unconvinced herbal medicines for weakness.


Kuala Lumpur is actually a great place for spending your tourist dollar as it goes far-off. The metropolis has several shopping centers the entire of which appear to have deals the majority of the times. Moreover, the good buys are clothing (moderately priced as well as high-end) cameras in addition to traditional crafts.

Batu Caves

Almost at ½ hr drive as of the center of the city are the renowned Batu Caves, a splendid assemblage of numerous caves that are formed out from limestone around 400 million yrs ago. These caves were exposed almost 100 yrs ago as well as the biggest was finished as a Hindu temple.

Prior to you get going on your visit to Kuala Lumpur, it is best to obtain a state-of-the-art street map as well as information brochure. In addition, the Malaysian Tourism Board produces several good ones as well as you can obtain these as of any tourist booth, hotel, or else at the airport.

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